"SOUND CONCEPT is an innovative group of producers which let your musical vision become reality"

- René-Maik Reuter (Mölln, Deutschland), Co-Founder of SC

"Reaching the top with our clients is our main-goal."

- Christian Schäfer (Schwerin, Deutschland), Management of SC

Sound Concept is an innovative group of young producers which are located in Germany and in Austria. Founded in February 2019 Sound Concept is focused on realizing your musical vision.


We offer a special service for music production. It doesn’t matter which Genre. Feel free to send your request via mail and share your wish or vision of your track. We will produce the hiqh quality track within 7 days and you will be updated with the status of the track.

Our artists and clients will get the end product in the highest possible quality. We make your wishes come true. 

Reach the top with your individual produced music and sounds. We will be your partner for the future.

We expect your request-mail!

There is also a chance to meet each other at our headquarter in Schwerin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Deutschland).


//  Genres:  EDM, Dance, Deep House, Hardstyle, Dubstep, Future Bass, Pop, Reggeaton, Techno and Trap.
//  Founded:  02/2019