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About Us...

Music and audio production

For most people, life without music is hard to imagine. Music creates moments, memories and connections. That's one of the reasons why we share this passion. No matter what task you have for us, we will handle it and create great emotions together.

-Maria Reuter
Sales and assistant

Sound design

Whether advertising or film music, video games or other digital media, the invisible influence of sound design is essential for each of these industries. "It is the invisible influence on what we see and feel." We can create excitement, identification, trust and many other things with design. We, as “Sound Concept”, take on this task for you.

- René-Maik Reuter
Managing Director, Producer

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Our team

René-Maik Reuter Sound Concept

René-Maik Reuter

Managing director, producer, author, lecturer

René will put your ideas into practice. He is the creative mind behind the company.

Stefan Gold Sound Concept

Stefan Gold

Producer, lecturer

Stefan is their mastermind when it comes to productions and teaching. With his extensive expertise, he will accompany you.

Johnny Sørensen Sound Concept

Johnny Sørensen

Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Coach, Lecturer.

Johnny specializes in mixing and mastering and has extensive experience in mindset coaching. He will help you achieve the desired sound and, as a coach, organize your thoughts and emotions to align with your goals.

Maria Reuter Sound Concept

Maria Reuter


Maria will take her up to the important creative We warmly accompany you through the process and are always there to support you.

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